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Banking & Finance

Banking & Finance

Banking & Finance

Banks and other financial institutions are facing huge challenges to keep up with the increasing business requirements, while meeting the customers’ demands for an exceptional customer experience. That is why financial institutions are adopting technology to ensure that their customers are happy.


Whether you are a bank, insurance company, or credit union, FLEX’s comprehensive Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions enable you to facilitate customer interaction and centrally manage and control your in-branch and out-of-branch services, all in one integrated solution. Our CEM solutions help you deliver a convenient journey to your customers, resulting in increased customer loyalty and retention.

Mutli-channel support: Your customers can access your various financial services whenever and wherever they want via multiple channels, including Mobile App and self service solutions, and they can perform a number of transactions, such as ATM card issuance/renewal, cash/cheque deposit, loan applications, payment services, and appointment reservation.


  • Remote assistance: Customers can get help and validation from a remote service agent through our Virtual Service Machines (VSM).


  • In-depth media analytics: CEM offers a deep analysis for your different social networks (Facebook/Twitter/etc).


  • Advanced Business Intelligence: This powerful tool consolidates and organizes data from all branches in one central location, allowing you to analyze the past, monitor the present, and plan the future.