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DocuSign is the fastest, most secure way to prepare, execute and manage digital agreements and decisions. It’s not just about collecting a signature on an agreement – DocuSign can transform your entire approval processes to be fully digital.We make it simple to prepare an agreement. Whether you’re using integrations w/ other systems or uploading files into our web application, you can use your existing documents & even auto-populate them with data from your other systems, and then specify the workflow.Moving into the execution phase, we ensure signers are who they say they are with the most robust set of authentication options, based on your needs. The experience for your signers is fast and frictionless—available on any device, any language, and doesn’t require an account. And with templates, you can set all of this process up to be standardized and repeatable across your organization.

Finally, you can manage the entire process digitally, with complete visibility into the status of any approval, along with a comprehensive audit trail to track all activity throughout the entire process. 

Customers trust our service for their most mission critical and sensitive documents and data.  We take pride in leading the SaaS industry with the most secure, available, global, standards-based and open platform, which the most stringent, security-conscious businesses in the world trust to manage their digital agreement processes—companies like UBS, AstraZeneca, and Prudential.

  • The strictest security to ensure the privacy of your documents and data (optional: Full document encryption at all times, Broadest set of security certifications, Robust anti-tamper controls, Active monitoring and alerting)

  • Unmatched always-on availability (optional: never down for maintenance, 100% confidence it will be up-and-running at the end of the quarter, highly scalable as your transaction volume grows)

  • Strongest global capabilities, including the broadest set of languages, (optional: robust digital certificate support backed by locally-trusted authorities, and European Data Centers to meet data residency requirements).

  • Standards-based signatures to meet local, regional, and industry-specific regulations


Digital signature solutions have historically sacrificed convenience and product capability in favor of compliance, often requiring desktop applications, software downloads and plug-ins. DocuSign Standards-Based Signatures deliver the best of both worlds the best customer experience and highest return on your investment.

Standards-Based Signatures enable you to automate and manage cloud and mobile digital processes using DocuSign’s powerful business capabilities—all while staying compliant with local eSignature standards. DocuSign offers cloud-based digital certificates to your signers real-time at the time of signing, improving signer experience while reducing the IT complexity and cost associated with in-house digital certificate management.