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Virtual Service Machines

Virtual Service Machines

Virtual Service Machines

Virtual Service Machine SEDCO

Businesses are turning to automated solutions to optimize their work. Yet, in some cases a human interaction with your employees is still necessary. FLEX’ Customer Experience Management (CEM) platform takes excellent care of this concern with its Virtual Service Machines (VSM), where people connect directly to an expert via a video call, which fills the gap between the self-service kiosk and the fear of adopting a new technology.


With the ability to get real human interactions, these interactive machines can be installed inside and outside branches to extend reaching your customers beyond the working hours. Customers can have live video chats with your remote agents and get served in a way similar to when visiting your standard branch at a hugely reduced operational cost.


Our VSM is a teller-less branch that enables your customers to access your support services 24/7 while having a personalized and convenient experience. It’s a cost effective service channel that eliminates queues in your branches, decreases the workload on your employees, and takes the customer journey to an exceptional level.





What can a Virtual Service Machine do for your business?

Think in-Branch or Beyond the Branch




When installed inside the branch or store:

  • Ability to have virtual counters operated by remote agents.
  • Open new virtual counters depending on customer traffic.
  • Best utilization of resources.

When installed outside the branch or store:

  • Extended services beyond branches and working hours.
  • Attracting the attention of prospect customers to your brand.
  • Cost effective service channel.